About Us

Anuraj Agencies is an export, import and transport organization foundedback in 1974 by Mr. Cecil Cooray in a small way. In the beginning this venture was into the export of non-traditional produce such as spices, by products of coconut produce, coconut shell charcoal, ekels and copra.

Our experience in the exports or spices and coconut products gave way for us to make inroads into the rubber market, which is also a traditional product of Sri Lanka. This involved a global marketing approach and required additional experienced staff to be brought to motivate and enlarge the business.

With further liberalization of overall trade by the Sri Lankan Government the company, which was a proprietorship changed to a family partnership and ventured into the importing of day to day consumer goods mainly food.

Through the continual expansion process we acquired our own warehouses for storing rubber, coconut products and imports. While all this was taking place, the management was keenly looking to break into the tea export trade which is progressing well. To meet the challenges of the future, our Chairman Mr. Cecil Cooray has traveled extensively and built a strong personal rapport with all our buyers.

We are proud members of the following organizations
  • Sri Lanka Rubber Traders Association – Colombo
  • Rubber Buyers Association
  • Member of Business chamber of commerce
  • Coconut Produce Exporters Asscociation
  • Spices & Allied Produce
  • Colombo Tea Traders Association
  • Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
  • Nation Chamber of Commerce