A cup of tea has become synonymous with something we approve of. Just think of the expression: "That's my cup of tea" From the lush green tea plantations of Ceylon, tea is harvested, blended and sent to weekly auction houses in Colombo where our representatives bid for the finest teas, what l are tasted and selected before purachase.

Sri Lanka is a major supplier of tea accounting for over 250 million kilos per year. Ceylon lea is another specialty product export by us under our sister company MCC Expo (Pvt) Ltd.

We export all grades of tea from Orange Pekoe to Dust in bulk or under custom packaging and branding as per customers' requests. Large selections of different grade teas are available through us. We undertake all stages of export from packaging to delivery to the ship. Our dedicated team of quality controllers ensures stringent standards are enforced at all times.

Our exported tea in all grades is mainly sold and distributed in Russia, C.I/S countries and the Middle East.