Natural rubber is grown in the highlands of the Sabaragamuva Province located in the south of Sri Lanka where the milk is carefully extracted and converted into various grades of rubber. Of these, our experts carefully select the finest grades for export,

The world demand for natural rubber for the manufacture of tires and tubes for motor vehicles to leather accessories has encouraged us to venture into this business. As a leading export trade house, our natural and latex rubber is marketed and distributed worldwide to many multinational companies. Our natural rubber is exported in bulk and samples could be obtained for prospective buyers on request.

Sri Lanka’s export earnings through rubber contribute to over 75% of the total income and our rubber is in great demand in all major countries for its quality and finesse.

Our trading, support and laboratory teems are made up of highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in the international rubber markets and the rubber industry in general.

Deliveries are effected either directly from the producers’ factory or existing stocks.

The various forms of rubber available through, us and their common uses are listed below

HIN PALE CREPE NO. 1 – Used in the pharmaceutical and plastics industries.

THICK PALE CREPE IX – Used for special purposes, baby bottle feeding tips, adhesives. Flexie-tuves for hospitals and various stoppers for all hygienic purposes

THICK PALE CREPE NO. 1 – Used as a filler to add strength to your products to give high durability and usage.

SCRAP CREPE 3X, BROWN – Used for shoe soles of boots, as rubber rollers in the food grain industry, re-treading farm tractor tire, floor mats and vehicles. The largest consumer of thus grade is Poland

SKIM CREEPE – Used as filler in low quality products such as rubber pads and soles of water proofing.

RIBBED SMOKED SHEETS – Used wholly in the manufacture of auto and truck tires by major leading tire manufacturers like Michelin and Good Year.

SCOLE CREPE RUBBER – Broad Gauge – 39” x 18” Narrow Gauge – 36” x 13” – Ribbed, corrugated cartons of 83. 33 kilos each. This is a special purpose with a high worldwide demand used in the fashion shoe industry. This high priced rubberis very versatile and samples are available upon request.

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