Sri Lanka is renown for its spices since before the time of Marco Polo and still Is an integral part of the East Asian spice trade. Our spices are the freshet found anywhere in the world and large spice manufacturers like McCormick’s regularly pay visits to purchase the flavorful products.

Our company has direct armless to a range d fresh spices like Cinnamon, pepper, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg. Many herbs and spices are also used for great cooking as well as their curative properties Sri Lankan spices exported by us are grown in the deep down Southern district and are packaged by us for exports

Listed below are the types of spices we export along with their standard packaging:

CINNAMON – Packed in cylindrical bales of 45.36 Kilos. Special drags like C5 Special. C5 and M5 are packed as 5 cm sticks of 500 grams in plywood chests with a max weight between 25 – 30 kilos.

PEPPER, CLOVES, CARDAMOM AND NUTMEG – Packed in double gunny bags of 50 kilos nett each

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